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How do I collect points?

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by Dragon0890 in Challenge Help about June 24, 2016 closed - report

Basic SQL

I have been trying to get the basic SQL challenges finished, but I can't seem to get anything but "You have an error in your SQL 'WHERE Username = 'admin'' can anyone tell me where I can research to make sure I can get this in the future?



Lol how do you pm someone?(dont judge me :D:D)

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    by Frost about June 24, 2016 Best answer

    I found the first one tricky as well.

    I can only say, don't make it too complicated, it is the first SQL injection mission so the answer is quite simple. For me this one was really about finding the right things to satisfy the mission checks.
    Make sure you have a simple but working query, don't forget that you are not appending, you are injecting.

    It can help to try and write out the query you think is running in the code. That way you can simulate what your injection does. 

    If you think you are really close feel free to PM me what you have and I'll take a look

    Hmm difficult to say enough and not say too much :)

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