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How do I collect points?

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by Frost in Challenge Help about June 21, 2016 closed - report

Steganography 2

I'm having some success with au**ci** but I'm having trouble getting the correct words out.

I think the last word is clear but the way I make out the others is not accepted by the AI.

Any tips?




PS: Trying to be clear yet cryptic :) Please remove if considered too close to a spoiler

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    by Anonanonamous about June 21, 2016 Best answer

    You're good. This one everyone either gets on the first listen, or after a million. A couple tips - I just looked at the picture while listening and it clicked. Other people have friends and family listen to see if they can tell what it is. If you PM what you have so far, I can tell you which words are correct.

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