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How do I collect points?

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by LunarSYZ in Challenge Help about June 17, 2016 open - report

Basic 7

I found the "*********" password, but i seem to be stuck now, can someone help?

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    by Ruffus about June 19, 2016

    Also if you click you dont know the password and then view the source that probably means your viewing the source of your wrong answer. maybe you should view the source on a different part of the website

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    by Ruffus about June 19, 2016

    You were probably viewing the source when you found your "password" right? Do younotice anything wrong around that area (its pretty obvious). 

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    by MKmoderate about June 17, 2016

    A few things...

    1) You really shouldn't post what you assume to be a mission password on these forums.

    2) Did you try entering that as the password?

    3) If you entered it, and it doesn't work, wouldn't that mean you don't have the right password?

    4) This mission is kind of testing how observant you are. So pay attention to what's happening.

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