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How do I collect points?

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by Rennorb in Challenge Help about June 17, 2016 canceled - report

realistic 2

I'm looking at Ididitforthelulz's question, and well.... I'm well aware that it should be done via null-byte, but either I'm mistaken the position (not of the actual NULL I'm well aware what it does and what it's used for) or the code just simply doesn't give a sh*t xD. He also talks about how he first used it on the wrong string, but I think I tried it on everything that makes sense now and I'm a bit confused...
I also obv. found the disallowed file (which I'm pretty sure I want to look at), and the login page..
is there something I'm missing?

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    by Anonanonamous about June 17, 2016

    You can PM me your work so far that way we don't post spoilers for others

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