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How do I collect points?

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by BlueBit in Challenge Help about June 15, 2016 closed - report

Basic 41 (XSS)

I get the page to display my input, but it won't execute.

I've already read articles, but in most of them the code just executes.

I would be happy if someone could provide me a hint.



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    by Anonanonamous about June 15, 2016 Best answer

    You want to inject a cookie stealer into the UA here. If you have one setup, I can look at your code for you.

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    by Frost about June 22, 2016

    Not an answer, but why would a cookie stealer be required to complete this challenge? I would expect the challenge is to execute something.

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    by Anonanonamous about June 17, 2016

    Your cookie stealer has to work. They ensure it because you need to use the cookie that you found in your cookie stealer to pass the mission XD

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    by MKmoderate about June 17, 2016

    Does the cookie stealer have to work? Because I've been getting some weird messages. I'm pretty sure it does. How does EG ensure that my cookie stealer works?

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