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How do I collect points?

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by NightCypher5 in Challenge Help about July 23, 2020 open - report

Realistic 1, how to begin?

I havent ever hacked a website. I know html and some cmd i know what ip and nmap is and i have completed some challenges(i have some knowledge anyway). I want to start some "real" hacking, so i am trying realistic1. I am not sure how to access through different ports. I think i understand what ports are and reading some other questions about realistic 1 i tried to acces ssh(for example) like that:  -->  " "  but browser says " Access to this port is disabled for security reasons "(translating from my language).Is it part of the challenge? What can i do? Should i watch a video or read an article for some extra knowledge? Should i use some other tool? I really dont know much but i have to begin with somethnig....

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