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How do I collect points?

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by pratikal14316 in Everything Else about July 17, 2020 open - report

help me!

hello, Im new here olz anyone can help me how it works nd detailed info about how to learn here and completing challanges

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    by NightCypher5 about July 25, 2020

    Well, my advice is to search for the solutions of the basics at the yotube, it is impossible to beat the challenges if you dont know the tricks you have to use. Watching the solutions you wont just cheat, you will also learn A LOT. BUT i cant tell you what to do for sure(and nobady can) because i dont know what you know about hacking, if you dont know some basic programming(html at least) you wont understand anything(from the basic solutions)...And lastly, you have to understand how internet works so... READ. People here wont help you or give you any tutorial out of mercy if you dont know anything! You need to learn the most yourself! I would appreciate it if you choose my awnser as the best!

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