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How do I collect points?

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by rockessdukez in Everything Else about July 14, 2020 open - report

Website hacking

How to hack websites?
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    by NightCypher5 about July 25, 2020

    This is a bit silly question, thats why nobady awnser...But i feel bad so i will awnser(just make sure you will pick my awnser as the best...). Hacking is not a game. I know it sounds like something that your mom would tell but i mean that there is not one method to do it. In a game you know how to win but hacking is about finding vulnerabilities that the creators dont even know. There is no method for finding vulnerabilities either.. Hacking is power and usally ilegal so hackers dont like talking about it so dont expect any help... I know it sounds very hard to fild vulnerabilities at experts code without any help or method and it is. But dont give up! Youtube and google have lots of videos and articles to teach you some tricks. Learn, practice here and (after reading some programing) you might hack a simple website...Hacking is hard and even after lots of reading you might never be able to spot a vulnerability at a serious website. Hacking is also ilegal if you are about to hack a website so if you want to know about computers and show of just read programming and learn some common tricks.

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