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How do I collect points?

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by B4S5FVCK in Challenge Help about July 27, 2019 open - report

Is open yet?

I have found login form, but I think that in the past there be another url, cause u can acces webmin login only with old url, but I can't found that psw file...

can acces in the directory of the image and I'am seeing much more images than the original psychomarine site, but path traversal I have to use even on the url of webmin loginpage?

or I have to found that hased psw in the new one?

Pls some hint, I really goes crazy

sorry for my english


EDIT: I have found the hashes, but how I am supposed to hashed? I'm trying with naive hashcat but nothing... programtell me that Failed to parse hashes using the 'passwd' format.

I found log in page, I miss only this thing, I'm going crazy for real

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