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How do I collect points?

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by j4d3dmoralz in Challenge Help about June 12, 2018 open - report

Basic 24 - SQLI 4 UA

Hello enigma hackers,

i am currently stuck on basic 24 UserAgent sqli. I hve read through the previously asked questions, and seem to be stuck way before any of them.

I believe I am on the right page for injection due to a hint made in another question. I have tried UNION based and blind based queries. I believe at this point that i must be making a syntax error, as I am only ever able to get one error message (sql query could not be run).

I have tried ending my query with multiple different endings such as --+, --, -- --, and /* and they all produce the same error. I have tried to use "order by" or just union select to try and enumerate the columns, all to no avail.

Can someone please give me a hint as to why none of this is working? I have tried tthis type of utorials from many sites, and as UNION based sqli is my absolute fave web hacking method,im usually pretty good with this type of challenge.

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