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How do I collect points?

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by j4d3dmoralz in Challenge Help about May 30, 2018 open - report

Steganography #1

Back again engma hackers, and with another question. (Likely a noobish, stupid one). 

On stego 1, I believe I have managed to locate a user:hash combo by opening the .gif in a program that wouldnt normally be used for any image type file. I didnt change file type, or anything like that, simply opened the file in a non-standard way. 

After using a hash identifier to ensure I was correct about the type (same used in Real1 i think due to the length), I opened up JTR..... only to be told its not a hash. 

Is there someone who I can PM in greater detail so as not to spoil for others? Or am I completely off-track and need to revamp my strategy? 

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