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How do I collect points?

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by America in Everything Else about February 28, 2018 open - report



I 'm new to this site I want to learn the hacking

Please help me out

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    by wish333 about April 7, 2018

    Well, it is very hard to explain because their isn't a real way "howtobecome a hacker".

    1. Of course you should program, you should learn how to program. There are a lot of tutorials, just ask Google. It is important, that you are able to read, write and understand the code.

    2. Learn how to use and control your computer.

    3. Learn how to use and control the internet.

    4. Learn the basic things, what are proxies, what is an IP...

    (if you want you can read some books)

    5. Then you can return to this site.

    This is a simple description, I do not want tell you more, just find your own way.

    ;} Good luck

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