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How do I collect points?

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by digitalsamurai in Challenge Help about May 5, 2017 closed - report

Realisitc 3

Just how specific of a query do I have to make on n***.p*** to get a result? I have tried every combiantion I can think of including using LIMIT and WHERE, both alone and together. Do I have to include what the coder was wearing at the time? or what the weather conditons where at that exact moment? I get they are trying to make this challaging, but at least make the error message give you some feedback if you are getting warmer or not.

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    by Nightraven about May 10, 2017 Best answer

    You need the stars to align like they did back then.No really, this one is indeed tedious to figure out, but it's really not much different than others around here.I trust you found table names.and the like?
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