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How do I collect points?

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by NoChanceHaveYou in Challenge Help about April 2, 2017 open - report

Realistic 1?

Must I learn PHP for the challenge?

Because I learned yesterday already HTML and when I give in .../22/tcp (Or others), it say's:

"You are on the right track. Psychomarine made a PHP include() coding flaw." and the PHP include() have ask me this Question. (the "include()" with the "()" at the end confuse me a bit but I think it'S for php a normal script thing.)


And in the sitesource I find nothing which help me to "hack" the site, also I need too help for this.

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    by Ididitforthelulz about April 21, 2017

    Technically, no. I did this challenge without knowing PHP, but you do need to understand it in order to understand why the exploit works the way it works.

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    by psychomarine about April 2, 2017

    to learn how to hack, you must be a master of programming.  You must learn many languages.  You have to know what the scripts are doing, what they can or cannot do, how to break/bend them.

    To complete the challenges on this site, you must know html, javascript, php, python, mysql, java, c#, C++, C, and in 1 case, cold fusion, encryption/decryption and hash cracking, and a few more.

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