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How do I collect points?

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by NoChanceHaveYou in Everything Else about March 31, 2017 open - report

What is the best way/best website to learn that all?

Also I can a bit programming in C#, but not much and I heard that C++ is better to write "Hacker" scripts, also first which is better, C# or C++?


I want to see good answers, links you can too paste here, also I want these things to learn:


- C# or C++

- HTML, PHP and other website things for Hacking

- How to hack into Networks and get the Main root (I want to "prank"  my school for one day^^[Not 100% safe that I do that!])

- How to get SysAdmin from Websites or Networks

- And other things that important for Hacking


[Sorry if I write not 100% all things right , I wasn't born in England, America or Austria, I learn it and I can handle with it, say we good :D and how you see in my Post I want to "Prank" my school for one day, that means I go to schoo.l]

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    by Dragon0890 about April 30, 2017

    I would say a good website for learning hacking is, a good place to learn some internet coding, the basics mostly is, I too would love to find some websites to hack into networks however I have yet to find one. I am taking a C++ class at a college, however the class is crazy slow and a pain in the neck compared to learning by yourself. Google seems to be the best place to find a lot of the things you want. No guaruntees, but this website looks interesting.

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    by junaid_junaid59 about April 1, 2017

    Hi NoChance,

    Google is web website to learn such stuff and practice what you learn

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