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How do I collect points?

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by threedfx in Challenge Help about March 14, 2017 open - report

Basic 2


as far as i understand, the URL  '/www/htdocs/challenges/basics/pre/2/dontlookinhere/password.txt' indicates, that the file password.txt is located on an Apache server. But the path requires a fully qualified domain name in order to work. In conclusion, the whole URL is supposed to look like:


instead of 'xxx.example.xx' i have tried inserting '' and '' so far, but none of those FQDNs worked. Is my idea completely wrong? and if not, can anyone give me a hint for the FQDN? thanks.

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    by esmejia about August 30, 2017

    the objective is in URL, check it

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    by anes about April 16, 2017

    can't resolve basic 2 ,any help!!!

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    by ccccombobreaker about March 15, 2017

    when i ssh into my server (a raspberry pi) to work on my website, i'm not automatically in the right folder... to get to the index file on my server, i need to cd (change directory) to /var/www/html

    the index.html file is located in the folder "html" 

    to solve this challenge, try comparing the url of the challenge with the displayed url ;)

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    by Nightraven about March 14, 2017

    No, you're thinking in the right path. What is a web root? And what would cause the error to appear?

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