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How do I collect points?

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by SirBibs in Challenge Help about November 21, 2016 closed - report

Basic 10, JS 7

Hey Everyone!

Im stuck on Basic 10/JS 7. I got the word that comes from the reversed array bases. However it seems I'm still missing something. Ive been mulling over it for a couple days, but havent been able to figure it out.

Thanks in advance for preventing any futher hair loss!

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    by Forest about November 22, 2016 Best answer

    reversed array: you are on the right way i think. 

    Notice that if you have an array:

    char new[40] = {'a','b','c','d','e', ...}            //for example

    second[0] = new[2]

    second[0] = c                                     //pseudo code!


    so i don't know if thats your fault, but its a possible reason.

    Good luck!

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    by hobohoe about December 6, 2016

    One thing to also remember(which i overlooked) is that arrays start counting at 0 not 1. I had done it all out by hand and was incorrect until I recalled this simple fact. So definitely something to keep in mind!

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    by acidflash about November 23, 2016

    I feel like you dont have a very good grasp of javascript. If you do, you could do this by hand. Read it over a few times, and try and understand exactly where things are being taken from, and where they are being put, and then the _final_ act that is being done to them in order to get the "password". Google is your friend, google the javascript methods that are mentioned, especially the ones that you dont have a full understanding of. Good luck.

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