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How do I collect points?

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by Raleda in Challenge Help about September 30, 2016 open - report

Basic 33

I'll admit.. I'm at a loss for this one. I've tried various methods of encoding, but I have no idea what the actual target is, so I have no way to verify wether or not it's working outside of not having the obvious filter warnings.

I've been trying my google fu to find various linux targets of interest, but either I'm screwing up the requests or they not the target of the mission. Any pointers?

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    by acidflash about October 17, 2016

    Well for starters, as you can see from the error, you have 3 directories that you can traverse back to get to the root file system "/". You _may_ not need to go back that far. Think of how a web hosting system works. Where are your limits?? Look up "root jails" in general, if you have an account on a web hosting site, where does whatever you do get saved? A good system admin will NOT allow you past your own root jail, but its quite possible that even the best system admins don't pay attention to sensitive files _within_ the root jail. I hope thats not giving too much information, but the descriptions should be beneficial to anyone in the future.

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