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How do I collect points?

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by SergeantBiggs in Challenge Help about September 26, 2016 open - report

Realistic 1

I'm now trying to complete realistic 1. I've found "the file" with the credentials, but I can't figure out how to use them. I've been trying to log on with the url with And I have tried different combinations, but it doesn't seem to work. When I try to login via ssh it pops up for a second and then my browser gives me an error. Am I on the right track? How can I log in with the url? Or do I have to try something completely different?


Edit: Yes, I already cracked the hashes, but I don't really know which one of the username and password combinations I should use.

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    by gaflash9 about March 4, 2017

    Look on the nmap again. One point will give you the answer. And your method of entering user, pass is wrong. There is a login screen available. find it

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    by acidflash about October 22, 2016

    I dont know if this gentleman has moved on or not, but as a general rule of thumb, you always want to use the user with the highest access level. If you wanted to completely demolish a tree, would you go for the branches or the root? Also, in regards to _where_ you should be connecting, for anyone who is re-attempting this from v4, the nmap screenshot is _NOT_ where you should be connecting this time around. Yes, the portscan stuff is still technically valid, but the ip's are not. Think more mission related, if you were writing the mission, would you send someone _outside_ of where you are to solve it, think domains and their structures here. Good luck.

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    by kaji about October 5, 2016

    webservers aren't only on port 80 or 443...

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    by kezza about September 27, 2016

    Did you crack the hash? Do you use the right user?

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    by kaptenrex about September 26, 2016

    Take a 2nd look on the nmap, you might have missed something that will help you solve this challange like an "elite" hacker

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