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How do I collect points?

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by Easyinstall in Challenge Help about September 20, 2016 open - report

XSS Scripting 1 (Basics 40)



This is no question! Just want to help something!

I cant beat the SQL Injection challange because im stupid .But have solved the xss scripting now!! and im happy.. I have red the whole night about xss scripting and watched some tutorials..

This is sick..really... nobody is safe in the i will never surve without no scricpt ;)

Oh..sry i got a question... Can i get a Trojan by xss scripting?? I think is true? 


To beat Basics 40 just use your head it is easier as u think!!

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    by Forest about September 20, 2016

    If you red he whole night Things about XSS, your can answer your question without help.

    What ist XSS?

    Short: You can inject Code to a Web application/Server (whatever) which is normaly not possible, cause your server don't trust foreign code...The reason for that is obvious..

    As an atacker you can use it for access controls OR/AND drop other Stuff.

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    by Nightraven about September 20, 2016

    "Can i get a Trojan by xss scripting??"


    Not if you're the one injecting. Well I guess it's possible but extremely unlikely. If you are a victim of XSS then it's certainly possible. But it's usually used for hijacking accounts and the like.

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