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How do I collect points?

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by GrandJury in Challenge Help about September 4, 2016 closed - report

Basic 7

Hello, I'm pretty new here and I am on  basic 7 and I cannot for the life of me pass it, it's driving me crazy. I've seen other people post about it and the replies are all very unhelpful. I've been trying to do this for ~2 hours, and am starting to get very frustrated. I understand that  -



password=prompt("Please enter the Password!","");
if (password=="leethaxor") {




is a comment, but I am very confused on what I am supposed to do. And yes, I understand, don't directly give me the answer, but I am in need of a big push. I've stared at this - <form>
<input type="button" value="Try Again" onclick="window.location=''">


But I don't know what to do with it. I can't find the code for the popup window. Anyhelp is greatly appreciated

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    by ccccombobreaker about September 4, 2016 Best answer

    hooly, okay... 2 hours are too much :D

    you already know whats NOT the password: leethaxor, for obvious reasons...

    have you compared the URL of the source code you looked at and the URL of the source code you want to look at? maybe use chrome and its "view-source:"-feature to look at the source code of specific pages without visiting them first. THIS IS A DAMN HUGE HINT, i even fear this is too much of a spoiler...

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