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How do I collect points?

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by Easyinstall in Challenge Help about August 31, 2016 closed - report


Cryptography 1 !


Hi, How do i decrypt it?? and when i decrypt it how it going to be complete? im searching after a tool right now in www.. wish me luck to decrypt it...Im new in this shit and this is awesome for real!

Hellow World this is Easy Install!

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    by ccccombobreaker about August 31, 2016 Best answer

    well... the point of these decryption missions is to find out wich encryption is used :D

    to decrypt a message is super easy as soon as you know the encryption type ;)

    but with mission one: try to copy-paste it in google, you should find the answer for this one quite fast.

    by looking at the encrypted text it's often possible to determine the encyrption method, e.g. "==" at the end... you need to concern yourself a little bit with different encryption methods

    enter the decryptet message into the "EnigmaAI Answer Checker", if your answer is correct, the mission will be completed and you get your points

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