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How do I collect points?

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by Rennorb in Challenge Help about July 27, 2016 closed - report

stegano 4

This is basicly just a ....pls halp cant get the solution to work... kindof question

I got the answer for steg 4, just am I not sure what some of the letters are or if there should be a space betwen the two parts etc. (cant get it to show me the solution clear and I dont want to try every combination..after i tried like 20 already):

  C****P* ***P***

btw. that ^ is the space Im talking about.

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    by Anonanonamous about July 28, 2016 Best answer

    There is no space - it's all capital letters and numbers. You can PM me what you've got and I can tell you which characters are correct

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    by coyote86 about August 15, 2016

    I got to the point with this one where I used a pen and paper and just kept track of all the permutations and swapped out characters accordingly.

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