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 Realistic One

Some of us at enigmagroup have been getting sick and tired of Psychomarine's bragging on how much of a 1337 hacker he is. He even put up a website showing off his accomplishments. It's time someone put him in his place. I need you to gain root of his server and deface his site. Knocking him off his high horse. I already did a port scan of his server. You can check it out here. It might have some valuable information for you.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 100 Credits


Realistic 1

 Realistic Two

Please help! We at the Thought Liberation Front desperately need your help. A multinational corporation known as Brain-Tek is rumored to be developing a machine known as "TechnoCop." They must be stopped! If you could get us their purchase code of the robot, we could successfully prevent them from acquiring such technology. Once you have the code, please send it to us by clicking here. Don't forget to clear the logs! We can't risk getting caught.
Thank you!

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 200 Credits

Realistic 2

 Realistic Three

There is an opensource software site that is suspected of stealing its user's code and making it proprietary and selling it for a large profit. This goes against everything that opensource stands for and abuses the user's trust. We need you to hack into their site and find proof that they are stealing code. Don't forget to clear the logs when you are done!

Oh, one more thing. The webmaster likes to use filters on user input, so it may take some trickery to get around them, but I am confident you will find a hole in the filter.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 300 Credits

Realistic 3

 Realistic Four

Cricke7s are a blackhat hacking team who try to deface websites using 0days they claim as their own. Your mission it to put these guys back in their place by completely removing everything on their server. The team does not back up, so they will have to start from scratch.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 400 Credits

Realistic 4

 Realistic Five

There is a terrorist unit threatening the lives of millions of people. They are a secret underground Afghanistanian organisation and have been linked to the Al Qaeda.

These terrorists are currently planning something big, but as of yet, we don't know what it is. All we know is that it will take the lives of tens of thousands. We need you to put a stop to this before something bad happens! You, psychomarine, are the best in the game. If you can do this you may be saving thousands of people!

Once you have found the next target, please submit details here.

Please make haste, this one is the most important mission to date!

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 500 Credits

Realistic 5

 Realistic Six

There is a new underground group forming. They are calling themselves Unwarranted Access. Their leader Mephisto is a very well respected blackhat warez coder.

I, Diablo, bought the uabot executable off Mephisto about a week ago and he never included the registration key. I have been in contact with him numerous times about this but he refuses to send it to me saying he already did. I have also tried cracking it to no avail. I paid $1200 for this bot that I can't execute without a key and a refund is not possible. I'm sure UA has the key some where on their site. If you can find the key for me I would greatly appreciate it.

You should hurry as the site still seems to be under construction. Maybe you can use this to your advantage!

Once you have found the key, please submit it to me here.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 600 Credits

Realistic 6

 Realistic Seven

You're initiaition into the underground will start with the following mission. There is an ISP called Lynx Net that has been feeding the MPAA and RIAA with logs of it's users who have been downloading torrents. The goal is simple. You must get a shell some how on their site and we can handle the rest. You're best chance is to search for a well known writeable directory like /upload. If you succeed in your mission please remember to name the shell "shell.php".

Good luck as I'm sure this will not be an easy one.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 700 Credits

Realistic 7




    Enigma Group's NURV Realistic Missions

 NURV Realistic One

NURV have been stealing code from all sorts of sources. Unfortunately the code that they have stolen was not stolen before the authors had the chance to register under the GPL.

We have heard that you are a good hacker and will be able to give these bastards their just deserves! We are hiring you to find a way into the NURV administrative panel. We need to get as much information on the workings of the site as possible, and the administration panel is a good place to start!

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 100 Credits


 NURV Realistic Two

NURV has made public claims on CNN and ABC of writing some of the worlds most innovative code to date. We know this is not true, that in fact, they have stolen some of the worlds most innovative code.

We know that they have stolen this code, but the rest of the world doesn't. Because of your success in the previous mission, we are asking you for your help to deface the NURV homepage. This may be a hard feat as the last hole was patched. Can you break in to the site again and deface the index page?

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 200 Credits


 NURV Realistic Three

NURV have patented and sold a lot of EnigmaGroup's code, and a lot of code of other sites and organisations. We know for a fact that they sold source from the EnigmaGroup Firefox toolbar for $10,000. We need you to get the money back.

BillJobs banks at the Monopoly Bank. The bank is located here. We need you to somehow get the money back. Only $10,000, no more. We need the money to be transfered to account number 13370539 with a message of "owned" so we know it was you.

NURV have added a forum to their website. You can log in with JohnSmith:JohnSmith. The account was created with a tor proxy and a fake email address. You may need to log into the forum at some point.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 300 Credits


 NURV Realistic Four

As NURV have implemented a forum to the site, we believe that they can back up their database though the administration section.

Your mission is to somehow obtain administrative status on these forums. You have proven yourself in the passed three missions, if you can, please do it again

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 400 Credits


 NURV Realistic Five

NURV have now released their very own webmail client. We know for a fact that it is all stolen code, but that's not the issue at hand. We want to you get access to Bill Jobs' email account. We believe there are incriminating emails in his inbox.

Your mission is to gain access to Bill Jobs' and forward any incriminating emails to nurvrealfive@enigmagroup.org. It is essential that you forward it from the NURVmail client so we can prove the email is real via the email headers.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 500 Credits


 NURV Realistic Six

As you know by now, NURV is a company that steals code from opensource projects and repositories. We have tried time and time again to put a stop to this, but they keep patching the holes and coming back.

We need you to somehow obtain the NURV user table. We believe we can get the IP addresses and passwords of the users from this table. Once you have the table, don't send it to us as this could be a risk, instead send the md5sum of the database as proof you obtained the table and we will organise a pick up point via the secure EGIM. DON'T forget to clear the logs!

You can submit the md5sum of the file here.

Click to Accept Mission -- Prize: 600 Credits