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    Eine Gruppe für FreundInnen des Zeroday-Podcast
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    This Group is the Hackersground group.
    We are planning to become a great group within Our goal is to share Information. And become the biggest Knowledge bank inside Please join our main channel #hackersground
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    I had the idea of creating this group for all the people out there who don't know a lot on how to program, and have a desire to learn. Here we can share our discoveries together, and I'll start creating challenges for those interested if this grows bigger.
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    We're EG's official CTF team! Jump on our server channel ( #goatzzz) to get upcoming CTF events, learn and practice CTF challenges, or hang around and shoot the shit with the rest of the team.
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    All hats welcome!

    A place for hackers across the grey-scale to meet, share, and talk transistor
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    This group is invite only and is intended for members of The Enigma Group who have been part of us for 5 years or more.