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Pokemon Mega has brought us closer to Pokemon than we ever

  • December 6, 2017 2:45 AM EST

    Pokemon Mega has brought us closer to mega Pikachu than we ever imagined possible. I for one can’t wait to see how the game evolves!
    Anything released under the Pokemon umbrella is immediately met with resistance - and understandably so. Even the most hardcore fans are sceptical when the beloved franchise name is used. 
    It is an obsession, many say, that has taken over their lives, and for which they will sacrifice their bodies. They understand the world in a way the uninitiated cannot.

    Pokemon Mega gets big Comic-Con stage, creator talks success and future.

    pokemon mega instantfuns pokemon mega instantfuns

    The fresh funds will help the firm expand its presence in Europe, West Asia, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, boost its customer base to 1,000 and invest further in developing its mobile threat defence platform.
    “Aside from any security concerns, I think taxpayers would appreciate government phones being used for government business.”
    The game, released 6 July, was evolved from an earlier Niantic Labs AR app game called Ingress, which Hanke said has also gained in popularity after the release of Pokemon online RPG.
    There have been similar incidents around the world, including people crashing into parked cars or running off the road altogether. “The more distractions you throw in the mix when you are trying to get from point A to point B, the greater likelihood of you running into a problem,” said Earnest.
    Police have issued a warning to players of the popular new smartphone game after the hunt for the virtual creatures led some users off the beaten track
    And although the game is not available in China, the world’s biggest smartphone and online gaming market, some people there fear it could become a Trojan horse for offensive action by the United States and Japan.
    Where do I find Pikachu?
    The game could be the first instance in which augmented reality may get tested legally, presenting privacy and IP issues

    Skycure’s existing investors such as Shasta Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital and New York Life Investment Management participated in the latest funding round. Individual investors Peter McKay, a VMWare executive, Lane Bess, former chief executive of Palo Alto Networks, and Michael Weider, a known figure in the application security world, also took part in the so-called Series B round announced on Tuesday.

    Pokemon Mega
    If you want to play the game, you can visit:, You also can try our new game: Iron Sky
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