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Pokemon are adding to this by setting a Guinness World Record

  • November 29, 2017 3:11 AM EST

    As well as a literal behemoth, Pikachu is  a cultural one too. In the last 20 years the cute, electric Pokemon has become almost as recognisable as Mickey Mouse, and the mega pokemon is just as big. The card game has been going strong alongside the video games, with over 21 Billion cards created since the game’s inception in 1996.

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    In her 2006 book Millennial Monsters, scholar of contemporary Japan Anne Allison argues that popular culture phenomenon such as Pokemon demonstrate a kind of “techno-animism”, which imbues digital technologies with a spirit or soul.
    “I really like the full-art variant cards of Zekrom and Reshiram," adds Nagashima "The Pokemon Black & White series Legendaries.”
    Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and so far we have seen the release of the original video games on the browser, fighting spin-off Pokken Tournament and the announcement of new Pokemon titles, Sun and Moon. And now The Pokemon Company are adding to this by setting a Guinness World Record: a giant Pikachu trading card, created by British artist Quentin Devine, made out of almost 13,000 Pokemon cards measuring over 750 square feet, breaking the record for the world’s largest trading card mosaic.
    The real-world aspects of the mega game have also, inevitably, led to a darker side emerging. Police in Missouri reported that a group of men were waiting near Instantfuns in a secluded location to target players, and a woman from Wyoming stumbled upon a dead body while trying to reach a water-type Pokemon apparently living in a river by her trailer.
    The Pokemon evolutions and support cards from the core of the Pokemon game and it is easy to see the enduring appeal of an initially simplistic card game with layers of depth and strategy that reveal themselves as you get new cards.

    “In the old Gym Leaders series of cards, we made a card named Sabrina’s ESP that had some really cool effects that we later implemented into the Black and White series with the Pokemon Victini. It’s actually my favourite card!”

    pokemon mega instantfuns
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