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Network Hacking and Security: how can i start as noob?

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    August 20, 2017 7:03 PM EDT

    I'm sry, that i'm blaming myself with this question, but how can i start to learn this?

    I'm asking, because im confused, i dont know where i should start, which programming language should i learn first? which books do you can recommend me? Since a few months i've tried to learn about this(theoretically and practically), but i'm to uncertain on this matter, when i read about this everyone has another opinion on this and most peoples, who makes information videos or blogs about is are script kiddies and/or peoples, that never have do this without the kali tools, so im confused. Maybe it can help me, when an Admin here can steer me in a right direction, so that i can without doubt learning about this(i know it can be long to learn all about this, i have much as enough time)

    Many thanks in advance for your help mysterious stranger

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    September 4, 2017 11:51 PM EDT

     You start right here.  keep trying, researching.  we give you a hint on the challenge selection page, so you know what you need to research or know before you attempt the challenge.   this will steer you in the right direction.   


    Sorry I didnt reply sooner,  I did not even see this post.  Must have slipped thru.