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What is this sorcery?

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    March 1, 2017 1:26 AM EST

    Is this heaven?

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    March 1, 2017 1:51 AM EST

    hey hey, long time no see mang!!!


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    March 1, 2017 2:06 AM EST

    That's no shit brother.  Nice looking place ya got here.  Good to see v5 come to fruition.  

    For a long time I hadn't the time to check up on you, see how you were doing.  Then a few months ago I tried and was nowhere to be found.  That day saddened me.  

    Then tonight, I got a wild hair and thought I'd try again.  Low and behold, google brought me here.  When I first entered, I thought, "Damn, it's bright in here."  But, my old eyes have adjusted.  I'm sure I'll see you around.