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    February 16, 2017 8:53 PM EST

    First off I hope this can be useful to more than just me. 

    I have been doing corses on Khan Academy for cryptography and coding which is a great asset and I can recomend to anyone that wants to learn literaly anything.  I've also been using an app called SoloLearn to learn various programing languages which has also been pretty good.  I've played around with html, pearl and java and I currently have python which I like that I've been messing around with.

    Here's the question/statment, I can read every book and every website till I'm blind but ffs I don't want to see another "Hello World!" tutorial! I need practical application, I've been looking at hacking/penatration testing to hold interest and try to learn but so far people or groups seem to be too elite or just refer back to RTFM aka "Hello World!". A while back I made a mod for Minecraft and needed help on part of my code that wasn't performing as intended and got the best help I've experianced ever; a user sent me a link to a website that you can type on the page and it was interactive so if I typed he could see etc and we were able to write code together and he could point out and fix my errors which let me learn really quickly. I know that's a bit much to ask of someone but is there anyone willing to mentor or tutorials that teach how to make actual useful programs because as you have read I can learn from reading but learn best when doing.

    Thank you and sorry about the book.

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    February 16, 2017 9:54 PM EST

    First thing,   good that youre learning.   


    Second thing,  let me get you started in a good direction.    This is a direction many of us took when we started learning code.


    So,  we sit here and we think.    "Let me make a program that can do x, y, and possibly z"

    so you ask yourself,   where the hell do I start on this.   Well, thats where google comes in handy.   


    So lets say your task x is (idk, ill pick something)  Login/out script for user management. 


    so, you goto google and type "how do I code a login script in php"  (example only to support above statement)


    Pick a result,  see how they do it.   BUT - dont just SEE.   Do it.   Grab the example code and do it.   Test it. Tweak it.  Think of extra features to add to it, and google that too.


    WHat does this accomplish?   Not much, youd think.  However,  if you keep doing it - youre learning real world code without even knowing it.   Youre getting better, faster, and need less reference.   


    Keep creating projects, plugins for things like wordpress or whatever.   Keep on your goal and youll be completely shocked at how fast youll learn with your hands on.   Youll also learn how to troubleshoot and debug as well. 



    The trick is to ask specific questions.  Rather than,  "how do I code"   you use "how do I code {THIS} in {LANG OF CHOICE}"


    and when you get stuck, always come to a place like and ask here.   Many experienced programmers here.  im sure someone can help.


    If you want to get this most out of your learning, this is the best method of getting it done.   


    Oh and also, feel free to download a cms of some type, and modify it to your liking. Remove the copyright, add a new feature,  tweak existing ones too.  Doesnt even have to be a full cms.  Just has to be code.




    Hope this helps somewhat.




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    February 17, 2017 1:35 AM EST

    Yes it does and thank you for your reply.