Gaining Access to Command Prompt From School

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    Gaining Access to Command Prompt From School
    by data
    A lot of students may watch films such as Hackers, The Net, Wargames, and
    Swordfish. They look at these "hackers" and see the computers they work with
    stream lines and lines of code with a bunch of 0's and 1's with neon green text
    you can't even read. Thats not exactly how it works (although you can change your
    CLI [command line interface] text to be green...)
    This article will show you a way to gain access to the CLI [in windows it's just
    called the command prompt] on a school computer so you can send annoying messages
    to your teachers and wreck havoc on the school network. (not recommended however)
    1. Login to the computer, and right click on the desktop.
    2. Navigate to new>shortcut
    3. When it asks you what you want the target to point to, type in
    4. Enjoy
    This creates a shortcut to an MS-DOS prompt.
    Below are a few commands that may be useful to you.
    cd -  allows you to navigate through directories
            cd secret_folder
    dir -  lists files within a directory
    ipconfig -  shows information such as your internal and external IP, and default gateway
    tree -  maps out the entire computer showing directories and files inside them
    net user -  gives you options for users
            net users /add  /passwordreq: no /expires:never
    net send - one of sending a message to another computer
            net send \ "Message Here"
            net send * "Mass SPAM"
    MSG -  another way of sending a message, this one sends it with an annoying popup menu.
            MSG \ "Message Here"
            MSG * "Mass SPAM"
    help -  because I can't tell you what commands you will need, type help for a list of other commands.