Translating DOS to Linux

  • DOS Command: dir, dir/w
    Linux Equivalent: ls, ls -l
    DOS Command: chdir (Current directory)
    Linux Equivalent: pwd
    DOS Command: del (remove a file)
    Linux Equivalent: rm
    DOS Command: deltree (remove a directory and all files under it)
    Linux Equivalent: rm -r
    DOS Command: copy
    Linux Equivalent: cp
    DOS Command: xcopy (copy all files in a directory and under it)
    Linux Equivalent: cp -R
    DOS Command: rename, move
    Linux Equivalent: mv
    DOS Command: type (print contents of a file to the screen)
    Linux Equivalent: cat
    DOS Command: help,  /?
    Linux Equivalent: man
    DOS Command: cls (clear screen)
    Linux Equivalent: clear
    DOS Command: find (search for a word or words in a specified file)
    Linux Equivalent: grep
    DOS Command: fc (compare two files and find differences between them)
    Linux Equivalent: diff
    DOS Command: set (show environment variables)
    Linux Equivalent: env
    DOS Command: set variable (set environment variable)
    Linux Equivalent: export
    DOS Command: edit filename
    Linux Equivalent: vi filename, pico filename, nano -w filename (varies based on editor of choice)
    DOS Command: attrib +h filename (makes a file hidden)
    Linux Equivalent: mv file .file
    DOS Command: mem (displays available memory)
    Linux Equivalent: free, top
    DOS Command: scandisk
    Linux Equivalent: fsck
    DOS Command: defrag c:\
    Linux Equivalent: debugfs
    DOS Command: format
    Linux Equivalent: mke2fs, mk32fs -j, mkreiserfs, mkswap, etc. (varies based on desired filesystem)
    DOS Command: pkzip (creates archive of file)
    Linux equivalent: tar, used often in conjunction with gzip for compression)
    DOS Command: tracert
    Linux Equivalent: traceroute
    DOS Command: ipconfig (check IP address and network settings)
    Linux Equivalent: ifconfig
    DOS Command: nbtstat -a hostname (get DNS info for specified host)
    Linux Equivalent: nslookup hostname
    DOS Command: route print (display routing table)
    Linux Equivalent: route -n
    DOS Command: net send host/ip message send message to another computer
    Linux Equivalent: smbclient -M Windows Host, talk (Linux hosts)