IRC Command Help - Some Less Basic Commands

  • -- Some Less Basic Commands. --
    /MSG {nickname|channel} {text} Sends a (private) message to specified nickname or channel.
    Besides chatting on IRC Channels you can also have private conversations or queries with other people on IRC. On most clients these conversations will be handled by separate window. You can use the /MSG command to send someone a message that only that person can read. If somebody else sends you a message or that person replies to your message a query window icon will pop up informing you somebody wants to talk to you personally.
    /MSG Kreet This message can be read by you only.
    *Kreet* This message can be read by you only.
    In Kreet's screen an icon will pop up with the message you typed; "This message can be read by you only."
    If you cannot wait for a reply for someone to message you to open a private window you can use the query command to force your client to open a private conversation window.
    /QUERY {nickname} [test] Starts a private conversation with {nickname} and forces a separate window to open.
    This command differs from the MSG command only by the fact that it is used to start a private conversation. All text you type that would normally be sent to your chat partner if you used MSG now displays in an immediately opened private window 'to your chat partner' on your screen and is sent to the other person as well.
    /NOTICE {nickname|#channel} {text} Sends a private message to the specified {nickname}or {#channel}.
    The NOTICE command is just another way to send messages to other people. But, unlike MSG's, NOTICEs will never open a separate window 'to' the other person. It should be seen as a sort of whispering. It is recommended that robots or other automatons on IRC use notices (contrary to messages) to send information to people. You should never automatically (as by remote events or commands) send a message or notice in response to a notice sent to you.
    /NOTIFY [nickname|on|off] Toggles the notify function or adds or removes {nickname} to the notify list.
    As you start to meet people on IRC, you will want to add certain nicknames to your notify list such that you will be warned when they sign on or off IRC.
    /NOTIFY wug marl
    *** Added wug to Notify list
    *** Added marl to Notify list
    *** wug is on IRC
    *** resi is on IRC
    *** marl is not on IRC
    *** kreet is on IRC
    /IGNORE [nickname|user@host] Ignore all contact from the specified people.
    The day will come when you decide not (never?) to see or hear a specific person on your screen. This can be achieved using the ignore command. If people are flooding channels with useless text or they are otherwise harassing you, a wise response is to ignore those person. Ignore can be set to a nickname or by specifying a user@host format. You can use all kind of wildcards.
    /IGNORE looser
    *** Added looser to Ignore list
    *** Ignore is ON
    *** Ignoring: *.*@* *!*ap@ *!*fishy@* looser
    /IGNORE looser
    *** Removed looser from Ignore list