Hidden User on Windows

  • Heres how to set up a hidden user if you gain access to the admin and want to get back in. This technique can be found all throughout the internet, all you have to do is google "hidden user" and you will find it. I didnt find it on this site so Im posting it here.
    First off, you Create an account. Use a neutral name, Like Test, or Dell, or Default- a name that will be overlooked. Dont name it something like sptty, or Jack, because those will be red flags to anyone who searches the registry.
    After the creation of the account, go to this key in the Registry:
    Right click, and select: New DWORD value
    Enter the name of the account you want to hide (remember, its case sensitive.)
    Set the binary value as 0 if you want it hidden, 1 if you want it visible.
    Your done! The user will not appear on the admins computer, except maybe in shared files or hidden files. 
    This wont work against people who know what theyre doing when it comes to computers. Erase the event logs with a command used in the command-line if you want to make it harder to find.
    When you want to log in again, hit ctrl-alt-delete twice, then enter your username and, if set, your password.
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